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Sam & Kristin

Sam and Kristin have been married 3 years and currently have no children.

Birthmom Letter

Hi! We’re Sam & Kristin – we’re an energetic, young, laid-back, married Christian couple hope to add on to our family through adoption. God lead us in the direction of adoption because we are unable to have children.  We do not have any children. There is a very special child planned for us that we will love wholeheartedly and support unconditionally. All we can say is thank you for considering adoption and that we support you! We’re so grateful for you taking the time to read about us.

A mutual friend introduced us in 2014. Our first date was at Outback Steakhouse, and we have been together ever since. We got married in 2017.  There are a lot of activities we like to do where we live such as trying new restaurants, going to concerts, and exploring downtown. Traveling is our favorite hobby. During summer, we love visiting Sam’s parents’ lake home and enjoy spending time with them. Kristin’s parents live in Arizona and we’re blessed to see them numerous times a year. We’re looking forward to traveling there as a family of 3! We moved into our new home in early 2019. It is an open concept, cozy two-story home located in a quiet cul-de-sac with a large fenced in yard. Our community is very friendly and our home is close to our church, great schools, parks, and trails. We love having family and friends gather in our home.

Looking to the future, we want our child to grow up to be compassionate, loving, kind, down-to-earth, and have a relationship with God. Our child will know that they can come to us for anything at anytime and we will support them. As parents, we will also encourage them to pursue their passions and offer support to help them reach their goals. We will provide them a life full of love, laughter, opportunity, support, and adventure.

We thank you again for considering adoption and taking time to learn about us.     

Sam & Kristin

About Sam

AGE: 28

EDUCATION: Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering


INTERESTS: Sam enjoys being outdoors, traveling, sports, movies, and spending time with family and friends.

About Kristin

AGE: 29

EDUCATION: Master’s Degree in Nursing

OCCUPATION: Nurse Practitioner

INTERESTS: Kristin enjoys cooking, traveling, being outdoors, and spending time with family and friends.


“A child would be very blessed to have Kristin and Sam as parents. They would be very supportive emotionally, spiritually and financially. … I couldn’t think of a better couple to raise a child.”


“I absolutely believe both Sam and Kristin would be excellent adoptive parents. Their growing love for God and for others would make them excellent parents!”


“Sam and Kristin have planned, talked and dreamed about children in their lives. They have a lot to offer – safe, beautiful, spacious home, lots of love, extended family support system and friends with young children.”