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Adam & Rachel, Waiting Family –

Randy & Mindy

Randy and Mindy have been married for 11 years and currently have one boy.

Birthmom Letter

We are Randy and Mindy from Illinois. Thank you for taking the time to get to know a little about our family.   We admire you for making this difficult decision of considering adoption for your baby. Your courage and selflessness are admirable. We pray that God is watching over both you and your baby, and He is helping you through each and every step.

Randy and Mindy met in 2005 and were married in 2006. We were blessed in 2008 with a beautiful baby Adam. In 2017, we experienced a miscarriage and were told by the doctors that Mindy’s health would be put at risk if we tried to conceive again. Although we had talked about adopting in the past, this news helped re-emphasize God wanted us to pursue the path of adoption which led us to here. Randy is an accountant who serves on various committees including a Deacon of our church. He is a very calm, kind-hearted, loving husband and father. Mindy is an accountant as well. She is involved in the leading the Youth Group at church. Mindy has a desire to help others and is a very loving wife and mom. Adam is a fun loving boy who inspires us each and every day. He is looking forward to being a big brother. In our free time, we love to spend time as a family doing things such as board games, traveling and going to baseball games and Christian concerts.

We know the decisions you are going through are not easy ones. Please know we would like to be there for you, and would like to show God’s love as well as ours by welcoming your child into our family. We pray for you daily and we know God has an amazing plan for both of you. We would be honored to be the parents of your baby if you would choose us.

Randy & Mindy

About Randy

AGE: 43

EDUCATION: Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting

OCCUPATION: Accountant

INTERESTS: Randy enjoys traveling, reading, watching tv and talking with people.

About Mindy

AGE: 43

EDUCATION: Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting

OCCUPATION: Accountant

INTERESTS: Mindy enjoys spending time with family, sponsoring youth group, singing, reading and going to Cubs games.


“They both are compassionate, generous, reliable, responsive, loyal, honest, and have strong moral principles and values.”


“They are great parents for their son, Adam, who shows all the indication of a child being raised in a quality home environment.”


“They are likely older than most applicants, but this is traded for financial, professional, and personal stability. They are devout believers with a wonderful home life and much to offer a child.”