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Josh & Sarah, Waiting Family –

Josh & Sarah

Josh and Sarah have been married for 13 years and currently don’t have any children.

Birthmom Letter

Thank you so much for taking the time to read through our profile and consider us to be the adoptive parents of your child. We don’t know you yet, but we’ve been praying for you for a long time. Our journey towards adoption has not been an easy one. We started trying after two years of marriage and ended up dealing with undiagnosable infertility for 8 years. About four years ago, we began feeling this tug at our hearts towards adoption, which led us to where we are today. We believe that God has a very special child waiting for us and we feel so blessed that He chose us for this special purpose. We cannot wait to meet him or her!

We started dating in high school and have been married now for 11 years. We try daily to put our relationship with Jesus first and pray that our marriage is a picture of God’s amazing love for us. Josh currently works for a medical company full-time, but is also going to school to become a licensed pastor. Sarah recently accepted a new position working in a billing office for assisted living facilities. Once we adopt, she plans to work part-time and stay at home as much as possible as she believes her primary responsibility is to her husband and children. We are also members of a local missionary church and enjoy leading worship and helping with student ministries.

Besides our faith, spending time with each other is our top priority. Some of our favorite things to do are Friday night movies, playing board games, going on hikes, and weekend getaways. Once we adopt, we want to have this same commitment to spending time with our children. We can’t imagine the roller coaster ride of emotions you must be feeling and know that your decision is not an easy one. We believe God adopted us as His own children and we want to extend that same unconditional love to the child He entrusts to us. We believe that family is “more than blood” and we couldn’t be any more excited to experience that truth. We will continue to pray for you and for God’s will for your life. We would love to meet you!

Josh & Sarah

About Josh

AGE: 37

EDUCATION: Working on Certification in Ministry

OCCUPATION: Warehouse Clerk

INTERESTS: Josh enjoys music, playing softball, watching sports or movies, and playing video games.

About Sarah

AGE: 35

EDUCATION: Bachelor’s Degree in Spanish; Teaching License


INTERESTS: Sarah enjoys music, going for walks, reading Karen Kingsbury books, and watching movies.


“They would provide a loving, safe, nurturing family environment in which a child will have the opportunity to grow into a balanced productive adult.”


“Children would be raised to love and serve the Lord.”


“Adoption would be a blessing for any child Josh and Sarah would welcome into their home.”

Youth Pastor