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Jason & Shauna, Waiting Family –

Jason & Devin

We met in 2011. We hit if off right away, learning we shared a lot of the same values and always making each other laugh. I (Devin) loved Jason’s laid back personality and good nature.  Jason loved my sense of humor and thoughtfulness. We got engaged the following year and were married in the fall in 2013.  We both worked hard and saved like crazy and in 2017 were fortunate enough to begin building our home together which was complete in 2018. We live in a small, safe and quiet community with great schools and parks near our home.

Birthmom Letter

We want to start by telling you how much we admire your strength and courage as you consider adoption. It is a selfless decision that takes a great deal of faith and can only be made out of the love you have for your child. We are honored that you are considering us as you think about the right adoptive family and home for your child.

We promise to provide a warm, loving, safe and stable home where a child has the emotional and financial support to grow, thrive and pursue their dreams. We also want your child to understand the love you have for him or her and the strength and selflessness it takes to make the decision to place a child for adoption. We are dedicated to an open adoption that is comfortable for all and look forward to sharing stories, pictures and memories.

We understand that this is an emotional and difficult time for you. May God guide you and provide you the strength and courage to make the best decision you can for you and your child.

Jason & Devin

About Jason

AGE: 37

EDUCATION: Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering

OCCUPATION: Manager at Engineering Firm

INTERESTS: Jason enjoys competitive sports, both watching and playing. He loves to play golf and work in the yard.

About Devin

AGE: 38

EDUCATION: Bachelor’s Degree in Art History

OCCUPATION: Human Resources

INTERESTS: Devin enjoys gardening, cooking, crafting, and traveling.


“They are stable, hard workers, organized, loyal, loving, and thoughtful. They have a home large enough to raise a family in. They have a very strong family support system.”


“Strong parent influence and upbringing make this couple well positioned to be a great parent to a child.”


“They have so much love to give. They will raise a child in a loving home, with structure, guidance, and warmth.”