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Jake & Stephanie

Jake and Stephanie have been married for five years and currently have no children.

Birthmom Letter

We are so encouraged and blessed by your selfless decision to consider placing your child with an adoptive family. We are very thankful that you are choosing life for your child. We know that making this decision has a lot of hard emotions and potential outcomes to contemplate, and we can’t imagine what you’re going through. You are making a life-changing decision, and we admire your strength in putting your child first. We hope and pray that even though we know this won’t be easy, God will make it very clear to you how He wants you to proceed. We realize that this decision is being made out of love and we are grateful to be considered as the family for your child. We pray by showing you a glimpse into our lives, it will provide a clear understanding of why we feel called to adopt and are excited to become parents!

We currently have no children but are thrilled to grow our family! We’ve always known adoption was going to be part of our story, but when we tried to start our family biologically, we struggled with fertility. God has written adoption into our story sooner than we thought, but we know His ways are perfect. We each have longed to become parents and are excited to do this through adoption.

We are both followers of Jesus Christ and strive to live our lives reflective of God’s unconditional love. We are members of a local church here in Illinois, and both serve in multiple areas including children/student ministries. We live in a diverse community and are close to the many activities we enjoy doing: spending time outdoors, going on walks, playing disc golf and even sledding in the winter. We also go on annual trips with Stephanie’s family. In the summer, we go on a trip to Missouri with her parents’ boat, where we spend a lot of time swimming, water skiing and just spending time together. In the fall, we go camping at a local State Park. Our favorite part is being away from technology and the amazing food we make over the fire!  Our family is a crucial part of our lives. They are our support system outside of our church, and they love on us so well. Both of our families support our desire to adopt and can’t wait for us to grow our family. Stephanie’s immediate and most of her extended family live in Illinois, and a lot of them even live in the same town as us. We try to spend as much time with them as we can. Jacob’s family lives on the east side of the country. We try to visit them regularly, but we talk to them all the time.

Jacob runs the student ministries at our church as well as driving as a chauffeur for a local company. He is a kid at heart with his fun-loving, thoughtful attitude. He also loves woodworking. He has a heart to serve others and strives to support them in any way that he can. Stephanie is so compassionate and selflessly spends her time blessing others. She loves to bake/cook while making up recipes and is a master chef in the kitchen. She loves a good challenge like puzzles, board games and even escape rooms, but ultimately, loves being with her family and friends.

We hope this has given a small peek into our family! Regardless of your choice, we will be praying for you, this journey you are on, and the sweet baby you are carrying. We also pray that you will be filled with a sense of continued peace about your decision to place your child with an adoptive family, and that whatever family you choose, they’ll love your child unconditionally.

Jake & Stephanie

About Jake

AGE: 33

EDUCATION: High School Degree

OCCUPATION: Student Ministry Leader/Chauffeur

INTERESTS: Jake enjoys going on walks/bike rides, disc golf, being outdoors and spending time with family and friends.

About Stephanie

AGE: 32

EDUCATION: College Degree

OCCUPATION: Bookkeeper for Property Management Office

INTERESTS: Stephanie enjoys going on walks/bike rides, disc golf, being outdoors and spending time with family and friends.


“They are good parental figures who demonstrate love, kindness, and compassion.”


“They cannot wait to be parents. They have been preparing and waiting and will love the child the Lord blesses them with.”

Family Member

“The care and compassion they have for each other, as well as those around the, will be their best asset in raising a child.”