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Brian & Cara, Waiting Family –

Dan & Érica


Dan and Érica have been married for four years and currently have no children.


Birthmom Letter


Thank you for thinking of placing your child with an adoptive family! We know you love your child and want the best for them. If we are chosen to be the adoptive parents, we promise that we’ll love, nurture, and care for this precious child as much as we can. A little about us: We are a couple who love God! He brought the two of us together across thousands of miles. Our culture and background were very different, but God gave us a common love for Him and for each other. He blessed us with a love for music and a desire to use it to share His love with others.

Érica is a homemaker and student. She is funny, spontaneous, and outgoing. She enjoys working with kids and playing music with them. She really makes our home a warm and welcoming place. Dan is an eye doctor. He is calm and quiet, but he has a sense of humor and sometimes participates in church dramas or community theater. Both of us enjoy singing and playing music.

 Érica had always dreamed of being a mother, but one week before we got married she had the unfortunate surprise to learn that she was unable to have children because of a medical error. We believe that God will use adoption to grow our family. Both of us are grateful to have loving and stable families. They are a very important part of our lives and support our desire to adopt. We really hope to be parents through adoption and trust that God will bring us together with that special baby one day, just like He did with us.


Dan & Érica

About Dan

AGE: 45

EDUCATION: Professional School


INTERESTS: Dan enjoys music, theater, church activities and reading.

About Érica

AGE: 46

EDUCATION: Bachelor’s Degree

OCCUPATION: Homemaker & Student

INTERESTS: Érica enjoys music, missions, church activities and photography.


“I know this loving couple would welcome a child in their home to raise together and that this child could not have better parents or home life with Dan and Érica.”


“They have a strong marriage and want to give a wonderful, loving home to a child.”


“They are mature, moral, responsible adults who have so much love to give.”