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Clint & Laura, Waiting Family –

Colby & Angi

Colby and Angi have been married for 4 years and currently have a 2-year-old daughter, Brielle.

Our Adoption Letter

Hello! We’re so grateful for this opportunity to connect with you! We respect you for your courage in pursuing a loving, forever home for your child. Hopefully after getting to know the families who are wanting to grow through adoption, your decision may seem a little less difficult. Please feel encouraged knowing many, including us, desire to cherish your child and come along side you with our whole hearts. As challenging and rewarding as adoption is, we’ve learned it takes several special people all coming together for the love of a child and we are ready to be a part of it. We greatly look forward to getting to know you and thank you for taking a moment to learn more about us!

In our family, Colby is a Design Engineer and because of his hard work, Angi is gifted with being a stay-at-home mom. We were blessed with our sweet Brielle through private adoption a couple of years ago. She loves being around people, especially kids, and we’re confident she will eagerly help out and play with a younger sibling. Angi is a nurturing mom with an optimistic zeal for life and a creative spirit. Colby is a caring, hands-on father who’s committed to being present and to providing security to our family. We enjoy being active so we try to do new things throughout the week while including several of our favorite activities. We have our traditional Friday pizza and a movie night, we’re members at our local zoo, enjoy bike riding to the nearby park, and love spending time with our extended family and friends. But really, we like doing most anything as long as we’re together.

We’re excited to be on our second adoption journey! Since the beginning of our marriage, we’ve had a great desire to have children and to fill our home with laughter and love. During that first month, we discovered Angi was going through premature ovarian failure. Doctors told us it would take a miracle to have children and that fertility medical treatments were not an option for us. But with that news, we remembered how we had asked God to create our family as He saw best and we believe that it’s through adoption that our precious miracles will come.

Choosing the right family to place your child with is a hard decision and we can’t imagine how heavy your heart must feel. We care deeply for what you’re going through, so we’d love to hear about the life you desire for your child. While we do know the beautiful love of adoption, we also recognize some of its challenges because real feelings, time, circumstances, and a precious child are all involved. But our hearts are open and committed to caring for your child abundantly. We want to leave a legacy that points our children to Jesus. When the time comes that they are adults and ready to spread their wings, we hope they will be able to go out in the world and face life’s obstacles confidently, knowing their family loves them unconditionally and forever. If we’re fortunate to be the family to care and provide for your child, we’ll be forever grateful to you for being the answer to our prayers and will celebrate your child every day.

We look forward to connecting with you and to prayerfully being a part of your adoption plan!

Colby, Angi, & Brielle

About Colby

AGE: 30

EDUCATION: Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering

OCCUPATION: Design Engineer

INTERESTS: Colby enjoys IU basketball and almost any sport, bike riding, disc golf, animals, math, and road trips.

About Angi

AGE: 34

EDUCATION: High School Diploma

OCCUPATION: Stay at Home Mom

INTERESTS: Angi enjoys cooking (especially desserts), home remodeling projects, gardening, running, attending Bible Study, Survivor TV show, and spending time with family.


“Their heart, character, love for Jesus, communication skills, godliness, joy, strength, commitment to prayer, walk with the Holy Spirit…Are just a few of the reasons why Colby & Angela would make good adoptive parents.”


“They are both very loving & caring. I believe they would love to pour all that into the life of someone who hasn’t had parents to love & care for them.”