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Andrew & Jennifer

Andrew and Jennifer have been married for 19 years and currently have five children.

Birthmom Letter

We are Andrew and Jennifer. We have five wonderful children: Sarah, William, Grace, Josiah, and Beatrix. When we got married, we didn’t know exactly what our family would look like, but we knew that we hoped to be parents and we are so grateful that God has blessed us in this way. We are excited that God continues to knit our family together in beautiful ways. Being part of a big family is great: we love being parents and our children adore their brothers and sisters! Through adoption, we walk this journey of faith and family with two other families whom we love—Grace’s birth family and Josiah’s birth family. We are so grateful that our daughter and son brought along their grandparents, aunts, cousins, siblings, and their very special birth mothers when they were adopted into our family! The relationships that we are building together are a gift. Thank you for reading about us! We invite you to learn more about our family as you consider adoption.

Our relationship has deep roots. We were high school sweethearts and recently celebrated our nineteenth wedding anniversary. We strengthen our marriage through regular church attendance, weekly dates, and lots of good communication. We remain very close to our families and they are a big part of our lives. Both of our jobs are perfect for us. Andrew is a software engineer and Jennifer is a stay-at-home mom. Andrew’s job allows him to be creative, have a flexible schedule, and be around for lots of family time. Jennifer’s background, as a music teacher and children’s librarian, is great for her current job— homeschooling the kids! At church, Andrew is a lector and Jennifer is on a team to pray for our Pastor. In his spare time, Andrew enjoys games, working on our pinball machines, writing apps, and reading. Jennifer likes to read, cook, sew, and visit with friends. We both enjoy hiking and traveling. All five of our kids have a strong faith and are kind and empathetic. They all love to learn and are hard workers. They often play together and are very good friends with each other. Seeing them develop that closeness has been awesome. They also have close relationships with their cousins, grandparents, and extended family. Our family is part of a wonderful adoption support group at church, which is great for the kids and for us, too.

Being a family formed through birth and adoption has been a blessing- each of our children has brought something unique and precious to our family. We’re grateful to help each of them grow into the people they are meant to be. All of us have a heart for adoption and would be thrilled to welcome another little one into our big happy family.

Thank you very much for reading about us. We wish you peace and we are praying for you.

Andrew & Jennifer

About Andrew

AGE: 40

EDUCATION: Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science

OCCUPATION: Software Engineer

INTERESTS: Andrew enjoys coding, pinball machines, games, reading, and likes to walk and hike and travel.

About Jennifer

AGE: 41

EDUCATION: Bachelor’s Degree in Music Education

OCCUPATION: Stay at Home Mom

INTERESTS: Jennifer enjoys cooking, reading, getting together with friends, hiking, walking, and traveling.


“Andrew & Jennifer have adopted before and have an amazing commitment to birth families and the overall wellness of their children.”


“Andrew & Jennifer are well-known and well-loved in our community. They are generous in the time & talent they volunteer for the thriving of people other than their immediate circle.​”


“I have seen Andrew & Jennifer integrate their adopted children seamlessly into their family. I have seen them set aside personal endeavors to put in the time and effort and love to secure their new arrivals into their family.”