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Jordon and Kristin


Jordon & Kristin

Jordon and Kristin have been married for 13 years and have 3 kids.

About Jordon

AGE: 33

EDUCATION: Some college

OCCUPATION: Construction

INTERESTS: Jordon enjoys fishing, boating, hiking, and spending time with his family.

About Ashley

AGE: 33

EDUCATION: Bachelor degree

OCCUPATION: Early childhood ministry director

INTERESTS: Kristin enjoys exploring new places, hiking, painting, ballet, and family movie nights.

Expectant Moms

Dear Brave and Beautiful,

          I know this is such a big deal! Please know that through this whole journey, you are in our thoughts and prayers. Life can throw some big things sometimes and we want to be there for you by caring for your sweet baby. We decided to start the adoption process because God has given us big hearts with lots of love to pour out. We believe God works all things for the good of all who love him and are being called by him. This tiny baby you hold inside is one of those good things! This is why we are here. You may be asking, “Don’t you already have three kids?” Yes! We have three daughters who are all very different from each other! Our oldest loves singing, and skateboarding, our middle loves dance and fishing, and our little loves animals and soccer. They are all so excited about a new baby to love and grow up with!

            A few things our family loves: the Lord, Vacations, and Christmas!! We go to a non-denominational church in our area. Kristin is the ministry director for children ages 0-6. Jordon also enjoys volunteering around the church wherever there is a need. Being there for those around us and praying with and for them fills our hearts with so much joy! Taking family vacations and building memories is so important to us! Exploring new places, new foods, new activities is so much fun. We have met so many different types of people all over our country. Celebrating Christmas is a big deal in our home. We go the weekend after Thanksgiving to cut down our tree and spend the day singing and decorating. Each day of December we read an Advent story, and throughout the month we make cookies for our friends and neighbors.

            The thing we want you to know most of all, is how you are loved and honored you are by our family. We are praying for you as you carry this little baby and will continue praying after birth. We want to honor the hopes and dreams you have for yourself and the sweet baby you are carrying. We are so excited to meet you!

Loads of love,

Jordon and Kristin

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You don’t have to do this alone.

As an expecting mom, you don’t have to do this alone. We will meet you where you are and walk alongside as you consider your path. Having over 20 years of experience in adoption, we understand the unique challenges you are facing.

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