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Adam & Catie


Adam & Catie

Adam and Catie have been married for 11 years and have two children through adoption.

About Adam

AGE: 40

EDUCATION: Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design

OCCUPATION: Web Developer

INTERESTS: Adam enjoys reading his Bible, a good cup of coffee, new guitar strings, and a quiet kayak ride around the lake

About Catie

AGE: 39

EDUCATION: Bachelor of Science in Youth Ministry with a minor in Educational Ministry

OCCUPATION: Wedding and Portrait Photographer

INTERESTS: Catie enjoys quiet time with the Lord, all things vintage, fall days, coffee with friends, and hosting people in her home

Expectant Moms

There are no words to begin to describe our love and gratitude to you. We cannot imagine all of your emotions right now. We are so thankful for you and this little one you carry. You are the answer to our prayers, and you carry the dream we have waited for.

We are Adam and Catie. We have been married 11 years, and life together is better than we ever imagined. We have a 12 year old who came into our home at the age of 2 1/2 through foster care. Two year later we adopted her! A 6 year old who we adopted at birth, and a 9 year old golden-doodle who is literally the best dog ever!

Before Catie even met Adam she knew she would not be able to carry a baby herself. God moved on her heart, and adoption was always the choice. It was a choice she was excited about and dreamed about… the only problem? Finding a man with same dream. By age 27, is seemed pretty hopeless. Catie even begin asking guys way before most women would bring up a subject because she thought, “Why waste my time? God called me to adopt, so my husband has to be called too.” The night Catie first talked to Adam on the phone she asked the question (no pressure right?!). His answer, “Actually, I have always thought I would adopt.” Catie texted her best friend that night, “I think we have a winner.”

Adam is a graduate of IPFW with a degree in Fine Arts and works for a local company doing web development. He works close to home which makes it easy to meet up for lunch some days. When not working Adam can be found playing with the kids, attending a weekly Bible study, or working on whatever home project Catie has come up with.

Catie graduated from Huntington University with a degree in Youth Ministry. After five years of serving, Catie stepped down from full time ministry to pursue a hobby that turned into the perfect career – photography. Adam joins her as second shooter at weddings.. Between capturing people with her camera, Catie enjoys coffee with friends, exploring with the kids, painting with water colors, and learning to crochet.

Nia is our twelve-year-old who can be found reading or working in her sketch book. She loves hanging out with friends and finding new things to do outside the house. She had a rough start to life, but her resilience is inspiring. She is so full of energy, likes be to silly and is a wonderful big sister.

Thatcher is six and full of JOY. He has an infectious smile and the kindest heart. He is full of energy and never seems to slow down – unless its time to cuddle. He loves anything involving trains, Jellycat stuffed animals, visiting the zoo, and riding his bike. He is very excited for a baby to join his family.

Covey is the sweetest most cuddly dog you will ever meet. She adds so much to our home and we cannot imagine a better dog. She is wonderful with the kids, has a incredible intuition on our feelings, is ready to play at a moments notice, but cuddle all day when needed.

We are blessed as a family with a BIG extended family that we see as often as possible and an amazing network of friends. We go to a Christian church and volunteer for various community activities including a camp ministry. Together we enjoy gardening, walking to the park, getting ice cream, going to the lake, camping, adventures, and board games.

We are praying for you as you read through families for the little one you carry. We pray that God would speak to you about which family is meant to be and anxiously await the day when you see us and say, “They are the ones.”

We cannot wait to begin this journey.

Adam and Catie

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